There are 3 types of rate available.

 1. By the Hour

 2. By the Project

 3. Retainer (pay for a set amount per month)

I work remotely. No job is too large or small. Please contact me here, or by emailing hello@hollyadminsolutions.com to set up an initial free consultation

By the Hour

I charge £30 per hour, and all time is tracked and rounded to the nearest 15 mins. I will send a completed tracker along with finished work.

By the Project

It may be easier sometimes to pay by the project. After a consultation, I can give you a tailored proposal which will be a one off payment for the entire project.

Retainer (per month)

Depending on what you need doing, you may just want to pay me for a set amount of hours per month. You can buy 10 hours/month for £250, 20 hours/month for £500 or 40 hrs/month for £1000.

Contact me for custom amounts as I can arrange for any set hours per month.